Why RevX Systems

RevX provides an integrated Verizon ThingSpace™ Software + Services solution designed for budgets and operations of any scale. From project kick-off to go-live, we work tirelessly to get your end-user website up and running, billing and carrier management operational, and credit card processing setup.

Go LIVE in Days or Weeks - not Months!

ThingSpace™ Integrated

Eliminating manual processes and line management through integration.
  • ThingSpace™ Plan Management and pooled reports
  • Usage tracking and reporting
  • On-demand activations, suspensions, and deactivations
  • Batch operations for bulk line status changes
  • Lead ID activations and multi-account support

Downstream Billing (BOBO)

Rules based end-to-end subscriber rating and billing for ThingSpace™ powered services.
  • Touchless sign-up and line activation experience
  • Bill for MRCs and overages, or entirely in arrears
  • Setup fees, suspension fees, deactivation fees, and other NRCs
  • Automated credit card and bank draft processing for recurring service charges

Concierge Activations

Manage activations across a variety of network service types.
  • Activations for traditional NAT dynamic IP assignments
  • Activate on profiles for VPNs and Private networks
  • Public and Private Static IP address activations
  • Activate on Lead IDs to ensure sales rep commissions

Daily Line Management

Ensure all subscriber lines reflect the same status as ThingSpace™.
  • Daily processing to resolve line discrepancies with ThingSpace™
  • Eliminate rogue devices with no subscriber entitlement
  • Flag ICCID's and/or IMEI's as Lost, Stolen, or Damaged
  • Choose how to resolve discrepancies

Branded Subscriber Portal

Deliver a scalable and easy to use subscriber portal branded with the VPP's logo and styling.
  • Custom secure URL for a seamless end-user experience
  • Google Analytics Integration to measure the customer experience
  • Subscribers may activate/suspend/deactivate lines on their own
  • Manage nicknames, pay outstanding balances, maintain a payment method, review billing history, and more...

Compliance and Operations

RevX is a PCI and CPNI compliant operating platform providing a leg up on burdensome regulations.
  • Daily reports to track revenue growth and network consumption
  • Automated e-mails for subscriber sign-ups and line changes
  • Configurable grace periods for unpaid balances
  • Automated bill reminders, unpaid balance notices, and account suspensions

RevX Solution for Success

Software + Services
Feature Highlights
Verizon ThingSpace™ Integrated
Automated activations, suspensions, usage harvesting, and carrier operations.
Cost and Affordability
Available at FREE, cheap, and affordable price points - options for sizes of business.
Branded Website
White labeled website for easy to use subscriber sign-ups, line activations, and account management.
Rating and Billing
All-in-one rating and subscription billing platform for usage and recurring subscription services and over fees.
Credit Card Processing
Settlement and payment processing for bank draft and credit cards charges on subscriber accounts.
Collections and Suspensions
Automatic collections processing and ThingSpace™ suspensions for delinquent accounts.
Automated Reporting
Daily reports for operational and carrier visibility including downstream reports to select subscribers.
API and Integration Support
Simple and multiple ways to integrate your existing cloud application based on SSO, PUSH events, or full API integration.
Industry Compliance (PCI, CPNI, ...)
Annual attestation for PCI PA-DSS SAQ requirements and CPNI compliant.
Will it SCALE?
From 100's to millions of lines or subscribers, you'll have no problem with a RevX Solution

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Regain control of your IoT Business

Our ThingSpace™ integrated solution will dramatically simplify
delivering services and managing your Verizon lines.